Court decision puts spotlight on Ohio

Judge rules state can block abortion provider from receiving taxpayer funding

(Columbus)—In a stunning move, U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups reversed an earlier decision by upholding Utah Gov. Gary Herbert’s executive order blocking $275,000 from Planned Parenthood’s affiliate in that state. This decision by the federal courts signals time for action in Ohio to address a number of concerns over the Ohio affiliate’s practices.

It has been over 4 months since a coalition of over 100 Ohio-based pro-life and pro-family organizations and churches, Ohioans for Defunding Abortion, asked Governor John Kasich to remove taxpayer funding from abortion providers like Planned Parenthood. To date, there has been no public response from Governor Kasich’s administration toward this goal. Coalition leaders are calling on Governor Kasich to issue executive orders blocking taxpayer funding from abortion providers, both federal and state funds, including Medicaid reimbursements.

“We are dismayed about the lack of decisive action on the part of the Governor” stated Linda Theis, President of Ohio ProLife Action, Inc.. “While other states have moved to terminate contracts with abortion providers who are engaging in illegal activity, John Kasich has done nothing to address this glaring problem in Ohio.”

An investigation of Planned Parenthood’s Ohio affiliates by the charitable law section of the Ohio Attorney General’s office found evidence that at least three of their facilities were engaging in disposal of the remains of unborn human beings in a manner that violates Ohio regulations.

“The ruling by Judge Waddoups pointed out that a state has the right to terminate a contract when a party associates with entities allegedly engaged in illegal conduct” commented Molly Smith, President of Cleveland Right to Life. “Why has Governor Kasich not ended all funding to abortion providers in the State of Ohio? Funding was only partially redirected in recent legislation, leaving behind revenue streams that continue to fund the killing of innocent children in the womb.”

The federal ruling also noted that no federal or state funds may be used to perform abortions. Given this, Judge Walloups concluded in his opinion that termination of contracts between the state and the abortion provider does not violate the provider’s right to advocate for or perform abortions.

“It is encouraging that the federal court recognized that Planned Parenthood cannot have it both ways” noted Paula Westwood, executive director of Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati, “wanting no restrictions on the killing of unborn babies for profit, and no restriction on their grabbing of taxpayer dollars to underwrite their primary activity of killing unborn babies for profit.”

“Coalition leadership is calling for an extended grassroots campaign to contact Governor Kasich to request executive action to shut off the flow of taxpayer dollars to abortion providers in Ohio” said Barry Sheets, spokesperson for the coalition. “Ohio voters are looking to Governor Kasich to lead on this issue.”

Planned Parenthood Exposed: America’s Taxpayer-Funded Carnage

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, July 15, 2015 (Columbus, OH): The Center for Medical Progress has released a video featuring Planned Parenthood’s Director of Medical Services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, describing how she uses the illegal partial-birth abortion method to manipulate unborn babies to be partially born whole to then sell baby body parts. View the video.

“What else would we expect to come from the 42-year-old atrocity we call legal abortion that has killed 54,000,000 plus innocent babies in the U.S. alone?” said Linda Theis, President of Ohio ProLife Action. “Now that Planned Parenthood’s involvement in the harvesting and selling of little baby body parts is finally publicly uncovered we call for them to be totally defunded,” she concluded.

Planned Parenthood receives funding from our tax dollars, enabling this organization to continue it’s abortion agenda and now body part trafficking.



Contact your U.S. Senator to investigate and defund Planned Parenthood at

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Heartbeat Bill Clears House

March 25, 2015 (Columbus, OH) –  HB 69, Ohio’s Heartbeat Bill, was passed by a vote of 55-40 in the Ohio House of Representatives this afternoon. Once again, the House has taken a common sense stand in favor of this far reaching initiative.

The bill is designed to drastically cut the abortion rate in Ohio, as it would protect those yet unborn from the moment a heartbeat is detected, which could be as early as 6 weeks after conception.

“This represents significant progress in the life of this legislation in our State,” said Linda Theis, president of Ohio ProLife Action, the organization originally created to help pass the Heartbeat Bill when it was first introduced two sessions ago.

“There is widespread support for HB 69 among Ohio’s voters and legislators and we are hopeful that the Senate will follow the House’s lead and work to move this bill through their chamber as well.”

“It is hard to imagine how any of our Senators can, in good conscience, oppose this bill that could bring our State closer to offering actual legal protection to so many unborn children,” Theis stated.

“If not us, who? If not now, when? The time has come for Ohio to get this bill passed in both Houses!”


Yesterday House Bill 69, The Heartbeat Bill, was reported from the House Community and Family Advancement Committee by a vote of 11-4.

The bill is scheduled for a vote by the full House during today’s session which begins at 1:30 p.m.  Please pray and call your Representative to kindly encourage him/her.

During the final committee hearing yesterday 5 amendments were offered by Democrats, 3 of which were ruled out of order by the Committee Chairman.  The remaining 2 were defeated, 11-4.

How the Committee voted:

Voting YES

Tim Derickson, Chairman

Tim Ginter, Vice-Chairman

Ron Hood, Sponsor

Christina Hagan, Sponsor

Niraj Antani

Ron Young

Jeff McClain

Bill Hayes

Margy Conditt

Jonathan Dever

Bill Patmon (Democrat)

Voting NO

Stephanie Howse, Ranking Member

Kevin Boyce, Subcommittee Chairman

Michelle Lepore-Hagan

Janine Boyd

HB 69 Introduced in the House

The Heartbeat Bill was reintroduced in the Ohio House of Representatives on February 17 by Primary Sponsors Representative Christina Hagan and Representative Ron Hood who were joined by 48 additional co-sponsors, including new House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger and one Democrat, Representative Bill Patmon.

To see the Committee meeting dates and times, testimonies of proponents and opponents, and Committee Members, go to, click on a hearing date and scroll to H.B. No. 69.

An OPLA Board Member will be giving proponent testimony at an upcoming hearing.