Ohio Pro-Life Action Endorsed Candidates

The following candidates received the endorsement of Ohio ProLife Action in the 2016 Ohio Primary elections.


Ohio House 27th District:  Tom Brinkman, Jr. (incumbent)

Ohio House 51st District:  Wes Retherford (incumbent)

Ohio House 57th District:  Dick Stein

Ohio House 62nd District:  Steve Muterspaw

Ohio House 68th District:  Beth Lear

Ohio House 74th District:  Bill Dean

Ohio House 87th District:  Wesley Goodman

Ohio House 96th District:  Patrick F Murphy

Ohio Senate 6th District:  Barbara Temple

Ohio Senate 12th District:  John Adams

Ohio 14th Congressional District:  Matt Lynch

United States Senate:  Don Elijah Eckhart


The following officeholders received the endorsement of Ohio ProLife Action and were elected in the November 2014 General Election.

Ohio House 27th District:  Tom Brinkman

Ohio House 41st District:  Jim Butler

Ohio House 50th District:  Christina Hagan

Ohio House 52nd District:  Margy Conditt

Ohio House 65th District:  John Becker

Ohio House 78th District:  Ron Hood

Ohio House 79th District:  Kyle Koehler

Ohio House 80th District:  Stephen Huffman

Ohio House 84th District:  Jim Buchy

Ohio House 89th District:  Steven Kraus

Ohio Attorney General:  Mike DeWine

Ohio Supreme Court:  Sharon Kennedy