Ohio ProLife Action

Ohio ProLife Action exists to provide representation, leadership and support to the pro-life movement in Ohio and to public officials and candidates who courageously work for the protection of innocent human life in the public arena. It supports and advances those institutions that intrinsically foster pro-life principles within society, essentially authentic marriage and the family.

About OPLA

Ohio ProLife Action was formed in October 2011 to work with and support the many other pro-life organizations and individuals in the state. As much as possible, its goal is to work in unity with these entities to continue to support strategic legislation, plus candidates and elected officials who courageously stand for pro-life principles and consistently seek protections for innocent human life.


Ohio ProLife Action's top priority is to pass bold pro-life legislation to strategically build a Culture of Life.

The second priority for Ohio ProLife Action is to support officeholders and candidates who are leaders for life, even in the midst of adverse political pressure. Electing true pro-life leaders is crucial to passing legislation that will protect unborn children.

A third priority for Ohio ProLife Action is to stand with grassroots pro-life leaders as they fight the battle on the local front. These local leaders are on the front lines of the pro-life movement and OPLA will work cooperatively with them to educate and motivate the grassroots to protect all innocent human life--from conception until natural death.